Lactation Consultant Billing started in 2012 when LCs were getting rejected from regular billing companies because these companies were unfamiliar with what it took to bill out lactation claims. Our owner had created a six figure lactation business using insurance for over 95% of her receivables. Colleagues started asking for help not only with how to navigate insurance billing but also how to build a practice that was sustainable and profitable. Many of them have been very successful in expanding to new markets, having consistent, reliable income, and branching out with complementary products and services.

Some clients only want to run a small one-woman home business and others want to secure hospital contracts and run multiple clinics. Whatever your dreams, it is easier to get there with a mentor who can help create a solid plan to make your vision a reality.

Some services that we offer through our mentoring program are
  • Learning how to attract and hire a team of lactation consultants that work for you
  • Automating your practice with online contracts and charting
  • Using effective marketing tools to get your name out in the community
  • Self billing coaching for consultants who want to keep billing in house and learn to self bill
  • Tips for hiring inexpensive and tech savy assistants to help run your business
  • Free forms and templates to help run your practice

Once you are signed up with LCB, you will get a 90 minute call with Nicole for no charge to explain how our processes at LCB work and offer your practice mentoring. If you find it helpful, you can schedule additional calls with Nicole by writing to There are no monthly fees involved. You only get charged after the initial free call for the time spent with you.