Lactation Consultant Billing strives to simplify the billing process as much as possible. Our HIPAA-compliant electronic claims submissions process is easy to use, even for those not confident on the computer. For those who prefer a non-electronic method, we have forms that can be filled out by hand, or you can give us access to your medical records remotely. We want to meet you where you are and where you practice is and take the stress out of getting paid!

Each lactation practice is assigned an LCB account manager who helps navigate the process and provide an impeccable customer service experience. You may occasionally received communication from our claims managers if they have a specific question about a visit or from our finance department if there is a billing question, but primarily you will communicate with your account liaison. We work west coast hours and are primarily in the office from 9am PST to 7pm PST.

To find out more about our claims process, schedule a phone consult with Nicole by writing to us at