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Our medical coders are seasoned experts in the field of insurance billing who stay current on the ever-changing landscape of breastfeeding coverage.

We guide you every step of the way to set you up for insurance billing and credentialing, which on your own can sometimes be a complicated and confusing process.

Our HIPAA compliant processes allow you to send us claims information quickly so we can get you paid for your work as soon as possible.

We are committed to helping you serve mothers and babies in the best way possible – with your undivided attention on them … and your insurance administration handled for you, with no headaches and no hassles.


Lactation Consultant Billing strives to simplify the billing process as much as possible. Our HIPAA-compliant electronic claims submissions process is easy to use, even for those not confident on the computer. For those who prefer a non-electronic method, we have forms that can be filled out by hand, or you can give us access to your medical records remotely. We want to meet you where […]


CREDENTIALING TIPS & SERVICES In addition to claims processing, we can help with other parts of the insurance process NPI assignment: Go HERE to follow our step-by-step instructions to create an NPI on your own or CONTACT OUR OFFICE to do it for you. CAQH account creation and management: Go HERE to follow our step-by-step instructions to set up your CAQH or CONTACT OUR OFFICE […]


Lactation Consultant Billing started in 2012 when LCs were getting rejected from regular billing companies because these companies were unfamiliar with what it took to bill out lactation claims. Our owner had created a six figure lactation business using insurance for over 95% of her receivables. Colleagues started asking for help not only with how to navigate insurance billing but also how to build a […]


LCB’s owner, Nicole Peluso, has been working as an expert witness in legal cases involving insurance billing and lactation-related issues for many years. If you are a law firm or private client looking for an expert witness report, oral or written testimony, or lactation law research as it relates to insurance payments for lactation services family law issues, including infant and toddler breastfeeding co-parenting and […]

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